Toomey Residential & Community Services

Founded in 1990, Toomey Residential and Community Services is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization which provides numerous residential and clinical services for residents in the Central New York region. Services and programs are available to children and adults with developmental disabilities, children experiencing mental health issues, children who can not remain at home and require foster care placement and children who are Unaccompanied Refugee Minors who come to the United States from around world and whose lives have been torn apart due to conflict and oppression. These young people also enter the foster care system with Toomey. The agency also has a medical services department with a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses on staff to manage the medical care for each individual in our care. The agency’s operating budget for the 2013-2014 year is 9.2 million dollars. We employ approximately 160 people. The agency serves approximately 150 persons on an annual basis. An eleven member Board of Directors provides governance and community input for services and programs. 

Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

Toomey Residential and Community Services provides an array of programming for people with developmental disabilities designed to empower the individual toward increased independence, learning new skills, thinking and problem solving, integration into the community, increased self-esteem, and achievement of desired personal outcomes.

  • Intermediate Care Facilities (2) provide residential services for adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Individuals in our care receive 24 hour supervision in a home-like setting, extensive clinical support and inclusion into the community.
  • Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Services provide a variety of services and supports for children and adults with a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability. We operate four Individual Residential Alternatives which are small, certified settings in the community. We also provide day and community habilitation at an individual’s home or in community settings that support daily living skill acquisition and volunteer experiences.
  • Medicaid Service Coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities - coordination includes advocacy, linkage and referral to local resources.

Employees working in our programs for people with developmental disabilities are fully trained, adhere to the mission and philosophy of Toomey Residential, and practice behaviors consistent with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) Core Competencies which include: Putting Individuals First; Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships; Demonstrating Professionalism; Supporting Good Health; Safety; Supporting the individual to live in the home of their choice, and being active and productive in their community.

To learn more about a career as a Direct Support Professional and before applying online, we ask that you watch this video: 

Services for Children and Adolescents

  • Agency Boarding Homes, 4 community based homes, 2 for girls, 2 for boys, provide a structured, nurturing environment for youth who have experienced difficulties that necessitate separation from their homes.  These homes are considered group foster care settings.
  • Supervised Independent Living Program - Young adults in transition out of foster care. Each individual shares an apartment and is pursuing their goals to become independent adults. 
  • A Children’s Community Residence serving boys ages 7-13 who are experiencing mental health and/or behavioral issues. The therapeutic environment focuses on improving self-esteem, self-management of behavior and skill development.
  • Foster Care Services encompasses case management services, recruitment, certification, support and supervision of foster care homes who provide general and therapeutic foster care for children, ages birth to age 21. We also provide foster care services for refugee children who have come to the United States with no parents or adults to care for them. 

The employees of Toomey Residential and Community Services care for some of the community’s most vulnerable residents.  The agency is funded largely by the State and Federal government.  Those funds are dwindling at the same time that the cost of care continues to rise.  The agency welcomes donations of all sizes to close the gap between decreasing government support and the needs of its clients.