Parent Aide Progam

The Parent Aide Program provides intensive home visiting services for parents who are active with DSS and have children who are identified as at risk for or placed in foster care.  Parent Aides are professional parent educators who teach basic living and parenting skills in the home setting in addition to connecting families to various community resources and supports.  Staff also provides in-home services for families whose children are truant.  

  • Location: 1654 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse.
  • No fee.
  • Eligibility: Referrals to the program are made through Onondaga County’s Department of Social Services.
  • Information: Please call 315-424-1880 and ask for the Parent Aide Program.
  • Good to know: Of 1205 children served in 2010, only 3 entered foster care; we've been serving families since 1962.


This program provides car seats and booster seats for infants and toddlers of income eligible families at no charge.

Application Procedure:

  • Please note that there is an income eligibility requirement in order to receive a car seat.  Proof of WIC, Medicaid, or Food Stamps is required to receive a car seat.
  • Applicants should contact Catholic Charities at 315-424-1800 and request to be registered for a car seat class. 
  • The applicant will fill out an intake form and a Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • Before receiving a car seat, the recipient will need to review a training video that explains proper installation and use of the car seat.  Recipients will also learn how to properly install, fit the child to the car seat, and learn proper usage techniques from our certified Traffic Safety Seat Technician.
  • It is requested that the recipient have a vehicle present in order to physically install the car seat themselves.  If necessary, an installation vehicle can be made available.

The Child Passenger Safety Program is funded by the National Highway Safety Administration with a grant from the NYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.            

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