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A space to think about and discuss issues that impact the members of our community who are most vulnerable and in greatest need.


Aug 19th, 2019

Back-to-school time is a busy time for many families, and for families living in poverty, the added expense of new school supplies can dangerously stretch the budget. To support our clients, our youth and children's programs are putting out a call for school supplies! Can you help? We're in need...


Aug 16th, 2019

This week, we celebrated the end of the first cycle of our ParentChild+ program! Participant kids and families received diplomas from their Early Learning Specialist and then enjoyed lunch, cotton candy, a bouncy house and carnival games. Take a look at the fun below!

ParentChild+ is a...


Aug 16th, 2019
by Mike Melara, Executive Director

“For us Christians, hospitality offered to the weary traveler is offered to Jesus Christ himself, through the newcomer.”  Pope Francis

We are called by Jesus to accompany the vulnerable and welcome the sojourner. At no other time has our moral responsibility to uphold these principles...


Jul 25th, 2019

Vote Now!

You can help one of our programs thrive with a couple clicks! Visit the WellCare Champions site to vote for Sharon Connor to be the WellCare Champion of 2019.

Sharon Connor is the sort of volunteer nonprofits dream about. She’s energetic, dependable and dedicated. She’s also...


Jun 28th, 2019
by Mike Melara, Executive Director

I will admit it. I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to my day planner. I was introduced to the Franklin Planner system in January 1997 and I have been using it ever since. I carry it with me like a country preacher carrying a bible from town to town. Preaching the good word of organization...


Jun 24th, 2019

Pre-k classes represent an important experience for kids. Many of our students come from neighborhoods with high rates of poverty. They face challenges to success that their more affluent peers do not. Some come from refugee families for whom pre-k is an introduction to American school customs...


Jun 3rd, 2019

On May 22, 2019, over 570 guests attended the House of Providence Dinner at the Oncenter, presented by J. W. Burns & Company Investment Counsel. We presented awards to four outstanding community members: Fr. John Manno received the Bishop's Award, Dennis Gleason received the President's...


May 10th, 2019

Food is very much on Shewa Shwani’s mind. Not just because she recently pursued Food Studies as an undergrad, or because she works in our Homeless Services (where food scarcity is an issue for many clients), but also because she is part of a small team organizing a dinner for 700 people next...


Apr 16th, 2019

Proper school preparation is vital for a child’s success later in life. Entering kindergarten with an understanding of the basics, like how to interact with a picture book, helps kids get the most out of their education. A sad reality of poverty is that many children born into low income...