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» Capacity Building Services

Capacity Building Services

Help individuals and families achieve their highest level of functioning 

Pre-K Programs

Catholic Charities partners with the Syracuse City School District to operate Pre-K programs throughout the city.

Neighborhood Centers

Neighborhood centers on the North, South, and West sides of the city provide programming for youth after-school and throughout the summer.

Parent Education Programs

This suite of programs support children and their parents. We offer classes for young first-time moms and parents who have difficulty communicating with their children or are concerned about their behavior. The programs are designed to help people find the best ways to parent.

Respite Services

Respite programs provide services for children with developmental disabilities to help create moments of rest for parents and guardians of special needs children.


Counseling is offered to those dealing with depression, family conflicts, troubled relationships, grief and loss, past trauma, and many other challenges. Unique peer-to-peer system connects people to a broader community of support.

Workforce Development

These programs offer training in valuable skills to help people gain stable employment. The Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency (CASS) program offers training in industrial cooking to recent refugees and people born into generational poverty. Another program, a social venture called Project Joseph, trains recent refugees and men struggling with homelessness in basic property maintenance.